MECPROGETTI Training carries out on behalf of the customer the training courses for the final users of the installed equipments.
The courses can be carried out both on the customer or the equipment installation site all around the world.

Technical preparation, relationship capability, clarity on the training program and autonomy in the activity development, allow the companies to organize high level trainings with precise costs and with immediate results feedback, thanks to training evaluation forms.

Bruno Pelagatti


MECPROGETTI Graph is the design department that handles the preparation of all construction  and executive drawings.
It prepares the instruction manuals and the tables of spare parts, technical files with risk analysis and all the other aspects that require graphic development.
It is possible to create tables with links starting from the set of executive drawings, inserting digital photos or three-dimensional drawings and exploded drawings, integrated also with animations.

The documentation can be translated into any language or produced in bilingual format.
The service also includes supply of bound manuals which can also be printed in colors.

Roberta Allodi


All concerning the design of moulds for metal sheeting, is the proficiency of Mecprogetti, with a staff of specialists active in the sector for several years and which can boast the collaboration of many main companies of the sector.

The accumulated experience includes both the creation of progressive and of transfer moulds, as well as block press moulds, to finish up with equipment for special processing or for machining centers.

Alessandro Bergamaschi


MECPROGETTI Vacuum works with research institutes and companies that use advanced technologies in the scientific sector, offering advanced solutions and developing custom projects according to the needs of the customer.

The department has been operating for several years in the sector and MECPROGETTI Vacuum has grown and expanded its staff to include expert specialists who are leaders in the field of consultation and design.

MECPROGETTI Vacuum is specialized in the development of systems for the manipulation in vacuum, high vacuum chambers and systems of deposition by Joule Effect as well as sputtering and E-Beam technology.

All engineering is done using 3D software and is controlled using structural and thermal calculation software.

Vittorio Colli

Project Management

The Project Manager (PM) is that professional who has the duty of coordinating the project efforts in order to achieve the objectives, defined according to the SMART method. Amongst the applicative tasks that a PM must carry out, five process groups can be identified, defined as a group of correlated actions and activities carried out to obtain a determined product, result or service.
These identify the macro management phases of a typical project management: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring/Control and Closing.

Thanks to the adoption of a project management organization and method, a series of advantages can be identified attributable to such activities: Effectiveness/efficiency, Organizational certainty, Less risk of error (and increase in quality) and Reduction of costs.

Bruno Pelagatti


MECPROGETTI Tech is the backbone of the company, working with a wide range of companies of different dimensions and product profiles.
MECPROGETTI Tech, can count on a great experience acquired in the field, and can also provide assistance in the construction and assembly in the workshop.
The custumer ask for project assistance for the development of parts and management of the basic parts lists.

The many references in the widest variety of business sectors are proof of the quality of the service. To facilitate the preparation of special orders or to simplify the learning process as regards codes and internal procedures, an expert can be sent to the client’s premises on request.

Bruno Pelagatti


MECPROGETTI Tech è la spina dorsale dello Studio e si rivolge ad una vastissima gamma di aziende, sia per quanto riguarda le dimensioni che il profilo merceologico.
MECPROGETTI Tech, potendo contare su una vasta esperienza maturata sul campo,fornisce anche l’assistenza alla costruzione e al montaggio in officina. Il cliente ha la possibilità di richiedere un’assistenza di tipo progettuale o un supporto in termini di realizzazione di particolari e gestione delle distinte base.

Le numerose referenze nei più svariati settori testimoniano la qualità del servizio. Per agevolare lo svolgimento di particolari commesse o per facilitare l’ apprendimento di codifiche e procedure interne, è possibile richiedere la presenza di un tecnico presso la sede del cliente.

Bruno Pelagatti