MECPROGETTI S.r.l engineering company undertakes industrial mechanical design, graphic development, technical and connected documentation, scientific consultancy and prototypes creation.
Strengthened by long-term experience in various sectors of mechanical design, the founders of MECPROGETTI S.r.l. decided to start a business which was the sum and, at the same time, the synthesis of all their respective technical backgrounds.

Today, MECPROGETTI S.r.l. is expanding rapidly thanks to the faith that the agencies place in the professionalism and in the strength of the business structure, as well as in the quality of its technicians and designers. In order, therefore, to be able to follow the variety problems ever closer and to establish a specialist staff in the various sectors, MECPROGETTI S.r.l. has created internally various areas of proficiency:
MECProgetti Tech: deals with industrial design with regard to the mechanical area.
MECProgetti Graph: follows all matters regarding manuals and advertising graphics.
MECProgetti Sheet: specializes in the development of metal sheet moulds and workshop equipment.
MECProgetti Vacuum: aimed at the scientific and university sectors with particular reference to ultra-high vacuum equipment and R&D.
MECProgetti Training: supplies the client with the necessary knowledge for operating in full autonomy.